Arnold Schönberg: Streichquartett D-Dur (Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien)
Koreanische Avantgarde
Ensemble Eins
Arnold Schönberg Center
Tuesday, 29 August 2023
6.30 pm
Arnold Schönberg: Streichquartett D-Dur (Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien)

Ensemble Eins
   Minjeong Kang violin
   Hwahyun Song violin
   Sangmin Lee viola
   Youna Ju violoncello

Unsuk CHIN ParaMetaString for string quartet and tape
Byungmoo LEE Confero for String Quartet
Myunghoon PARK New work (WP)
Arnold SCHÖNBERG Streichquartett D-Dur

Free admission | Online reservation

Ensemble Eins focuses on promoting current music in Korea and also on global publicity for Korean composers. Four musicians from the ensemble perform here as a string quartet. Works by Byungmoo Lee and Myung-hoon Park are on the program alongside ParaMetaString for string  quartet and tape by Schönberg prizewinner Unsuk Chin. Arnold Schön- berg’s Quartet in D major was the first work to be presented by the  young composer to audiences in Vienna’s Bösendorfer Hall in 1898.

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