René Staar © Petra Schmidt; Alexander Stankovski © Alexander Stankovski
Dodecaphony and Formalization
Ensemble Wiener Collage, René Staar, Alexander Stankovski
Arnold Schönberg Center
Thursday, 16 March 2023
6.30 pm
René Staar © Petra Schmidt; Alexander Stankovski © Alexander Stankovski

Ensemble Wiener Collage
Joana Ruseva violin
Roland Schueler violoncello
Michael Seifried double bass
Gabriela Mossyrsch harp
Alfred Melichar accordion
René Staar conductor
Alexander Stankovski presentation

Arnold SCHÖNBERG Quintett op. 26
Christoph HERNDLER Schönberggeflecht für Streichinstrument(e) (WP)
Simeon PIRONKOFF Current for solo violin (WP)
Gerald RESCH Filter für Akkordeon solo (WP)
Petra STUMP-LINSHALM PRISMA für Kontrabass solo (WP)
Thomas WALLY Soliloquy VI für Harfe solo (WP)

Tickets € 14 | Free admission for persons under 26 years
Online reservation

Schönberg invented the row to re-enable thematic composition and to connect with 19th century German tradition. Placing all twelve tempered semitones in a certain order as a regulative element of anarchic atonicality was an idea that was criticized on a level that is equal to its potential for later generations. What significance does it have today? Is it only historical, or can the concept of rows still be relevant within changed conditions in music history and compositional technique? These questions are addressed by five contemporary composers who have written solo pieces for this concert. Their works are presented alongside Schönberg’s Wind Quintet, op. 26, a monumental work of dodecaphonic neoclassicism.

5.30 pm: Curator’s tour with Eike Feß
through the exhibition “Composition with Twelve Tones. Schönberg’s Reorganization of Music” (reservation required)

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