Arnold Schoenberg: Structural Functions of Harmony (Paperback) ISBN 0-571-19657-8

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Arnold Schoenberg: Structural Functions of Harmony
Edited by Leonard Stein
203 Seiten / pages, Paperback
Sprache / language: english
Verlag / publisher: faber and faber
Jahr / year: 1999 (1954)
ISBN 0-571-19657-8


Beschreibung / description

First published in 1948, Structural Functions of Harmony is Schoenberg´s last theoretical work and contains his ultimate thoughts on classical and romantic harmony. The opening chapters are a résumé of the basic principles of the early Theory of Harmony; the subsequent chapters demonstrate  the concept og "monotonality", whereby all modulations to different keys within a movement are analysed not in relation to each other but in terms of their relationship to one central tonality (tonic) as the centre of all harmonic change. Schoenberg´s music examples range from the entire development sections of classical symphonies to analyses of the harmonic progressions of Strauss, Debussy, Reger, and his own early music.


Pressestimmen / press reviews

Schoenberg´s unique historical position lends insight and actuality to the numerous examples. (Times Educational Supplement)

The fascinating final thoughts on tonal harmony from one of the century´s grand master. (Classical Music)


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