Katharina Bleier © Regina Längle
Summer Concert • Katharina Bleier
Arnold Schönberg Center
Tuesday, 17 August 2021
6.30 pm
Katharina Bleier © Regina Längle

Katharina Bleier extended piano

Natalie PRAWOSSUDOWITSCH Primitivi op. 17
Charlotte SEITHER Gran Passo
John CAGE Prelude for Meditation; 4’33’’
Annea LOCKWOOD Ear-Walking Woman
Katharina KLEMENT tatsächlich ohne Ausdruck

Free admission | registration required

Like a hiker exploring a landscape, the "Ear-Walking Woman" embarks on an expedition into the interior of the piano. Sensitivity for variations and differentiations of the sounds show the player the way into the sonorous silence. In contrast to this, there are through-composed works that challenge "listening differently": for example, in the detuning of the piano sound, in the change from rhythm to pitch, intentional expressionlessness, or the ironic simplicity of the piano pieces devised by Schönberg’s student Natalie Pravossudowitsch.
With video projection from the interior of the piano.

The concert will be streamed live on facebook and YouTube and will be available seven days after the concert.